32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV charging cable, suitable for Type 2 EV

 10/16A Type 2 to CEE Plug Mode 2 Portable EV Charging CableSAE J1772 2009 (Type 1) North American standardIEC 62196-2 (Mennekes, Type 2) EU European standardIEC 61851-1:2017 Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System (2017)IEC 62752:2016 IC-CPD EVSE Charging Standard Product specificationMode2 (level 2) EV

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32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV Charging Cable for Type 2 EV


10/16A Type 2 to CEE Plug Mode 2 Portable EV Charging Cable

SAE J1772 2009 (Type 1) North American standard

IEC 62196-2 (Mennekes, Type 2) EU European standard

IEC 61851-1:2017 Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System (2017)

IEC 62752:2016 IC-CPD EVSE Charging Standard


Product specification

Mode2 (level 2) EV Charging Cable

Model: BS-PCD040D-T1-NEMA1450

Connector: Type1 to CEE

Certificate: TUV, CE, UL

Input/Output: 230V AC

Frequency: 50Hz

Current: 32A

Length: 5m (16.4ft)

Color: black

Operating temperature: -25ºC to +55ºC

IP Class: IP66

Cable: Straight



Key features

-High Compatibility

Fitting all EVs with Type 1 inlet, 100% correctly and effectively


-Quick & Easy Operation

Simply connect the plug with the EV's inlet, and then the charger will automatically detect the connection status and handshaking protocol automatically, and starts charging


-LED Display

shows charging status via screen


-Safety Assurance

Already passed all tests of TUV & UL. There are all kinds of protective measures to ensure the safety of every user


-Intelligent Chip

Automatically repairing minor charging problems while charging. The lights would blink in different ways to indicate different problems which will help you to know the charging situation right now


-Rugged Enclosure

With brand-new design and solidly built high-strength ABS plastic, unsurpassed quality will be presented, even to bear the weight of a car, which was already been tested



Its unique waterproof design ensures you can use it anytime with confidence




How to use

A. How to start charging

1. Firmly insert the power plug into the outlet on the wall. Ensure the outlet with a rated current of 16A

2. Insert the Type 1 plug into the inlet on the vehicle

3.The device starts charging automatically after the green charging LED begins to keep blinking


32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV Charging Cable for Type 2 EV

B. How to stop charging

1. Disconnect the power plug from the outlet

2. Disconnect the Type 1 plug from the vehicle inlet

3. Put the charger away

32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV Charging Cable for Type 2 EV


C. How to switch the current

1.Press the button to switch the current between 10A and 16A before inserting the charging plug (car side)


32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV Charging Cable for Type 2 EV

D. How to know the charging status


32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV Charging Cable for Type 2 EV


Good to know

-This is a Mode 2 EV charging cable special for EVs with Type 1 inlets. Don't use it for EVs with other types of inlets

-This cable has precise internal structure. Any questions, please contact our Customer Service Manager at the first time. Please do not take it apart without any professional technical support

-Don't use it in water

-The product is only for EV charging. Please don't use it in any other occasions, including hauling, binding and so on



Package measurement and weight

Item No: BS-PCD040D-T1-NEMA 14-50

Package: 1 carton inner box

Packing size: 50*40*10(cm) /19.7*15.7*3.9(in)

Weight: 3kg


Product professional data:

32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV Charging Cable for Type 2 EV



Parts can be customized

Box: can print logos on it

Plug: can print logos and choose colors

Cable: can print words or logos and choose colors




Instructions & Documents

Please contact us for detailed instructions

32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV Charging Cable for Type 2 EV



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Here are some detailed pics about our BS-PCD020D-T2-S MODE 2 EV CHARGING CABLES :


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As one of the largest manufacturers of charging equipment and components in China, BESEN possesses 12 years of expertise in the field of electric vehicle charging. We have participated in setting up the EV Charging Standard of China (GB). We are the supplier of State Grid Corporation of China. We have cooperated with many EV Manufacturers and Distributors in Europe and US.


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BESEN deliver the most innovative, safest, and smartest electric vehicle components, including EV plugs, sockets, mode 2 cables, mode 3 cables, and charging stations to our customers from all over the world.


32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV Charging Cable for Type 2 EV




Our EV products all have CE, TUV, UL certifications.  All our products have to pass strict inspections and repeated texts before they leave factory. Please contact us for detailed certificates.

32A 3.6kw Mode 3 63Hz EV Charging Cable for Type 2 EV

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