Santec double acquisitions aim at the cable assembly test market | Fiber Optic Systems

2021-11-12 10:48:26 By : Ms. Silviya Liu

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Santec Corporation has acquired JGR Optics and OptoTest Corp.  

The two companies will become Santec's wholly-owned subsidiaries while continuing to operate under their existing brands. 

Under the terms of the acquisition, the leadership of JGR and OptoTest both pledged to continue their respective businesses in order to focus on increasing revenue under the Santec umbrella. JGR Optics and OptoTest are suppliers of fiber optic testing solutions for measuring the insertion and return loss of cable assemblies and components, providing Santec with an entry point into this market.

Mototaka Tei, CEO of Santec Corp, said: "We are very pleased to enter the fiber test market through the acquisition of JGR Optics and OptoTest. The two companies are providing high-performance return loss, insertion loss and polarity measurement systems, as well as optical switches to fiber optic cable assemblies and We have a good track record in component production. Through this acquisition, we have expanded our footprint in the growing fiber optic production equipment market. Both JGR and OptoTest have Santec’s complementary technologies. The acquisition not only allows us to expand in adjacent markets Business and enables us to expand our product offering by integrating their technology into Santec’s products and solutions.

A statement to customers on behalf of the OptoTest leadership team said: "We are pleased to announce that OptoTest has been acquired by Santec Corporation, a company specializing in micro-optics, advanced optical equipment, tunable lasers, and optical test and measurement. OptoTest will become Santec Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary and will continue to operate under its existing brand for the foreseeable future.

In general, Santec and OptoTest complement each other with diversified expertise to provide reliable and accurate products while maintaining excellent customer support.

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Deutsche Telekom has agreed to establish a long-term partnership with IFM Investors through the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund (IFM GIF) to provide Gigabit FTTH broadband to more than 4 million households in rural Germany.

Lumentum Holdings and NeoPhotonics Corporation have reached a final agreement under which the former will acquire the latter.

Researchers at CSC-IT Science Center have transmitted over 2,000 kilometers of 800Gb/s on the real-time network.

The FCC has passed an order prohibiting China Telecom (Americas) from providing domestic interstate and international telecommunications services within the country.

FormFactor's Fast Photonic Wafer Detector enables rapid testing through faster photon alignment than before. (Credit: FormFactor Inc)

In the eyes of some, the expectation of buyers of optical communication products for continued price declines seems to be a strange and unnecessary pressure for suppliers.

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The submarine cable industry is still very healthy. Research and Markets data predicts that by 2026, the industry will reach 30.8 billion US dollars.

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The push for 5G and beyond has been a key factor in the demand for higher bandwidth and more reliable networks. This, in turn, has created a greater demand for intelligent infrastructure supported by automation. 

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It can be said that one of the biggest topics in the field of optical communications in the past two years is the fifth-generation coherent optics. Through a large number of experiments and demonstrations, the achievements of the 800G wavelength have been highlighted. 

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Fiber optic deployment is currently being carried out simultaneously around the world. According to the latest research by the research company Global Industry Analysts (GIA), by 2026, the global FTTH/B market is expected to reach 31.3 billion Singapore dollars. 

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